Prathibhe Org. established in 1990 in Mysore city, works for Rural development, Women & Children , Environment Awareness .Also helps the disabled people .It has reached 10000+ Beneficiaries. I


Prathibhe Organisation

To bring socio economic equality in the society, through women empowerment and helping disabled people.

Founded in 1990 in Mysore, worked on empowering women in less periling of community her gender equality.nd conservation of local medicinal knowledge and species.. Also worked building local institutions of underprivileged women under self help group format to ease out economic inabilities encouraging savings and thrift manage during 1990 to 2017 in more than 130 villages.• We have planted more than 10 Lakh different varieties of plant species to enrich Bio-diversity of nature for sustaining human lives.We have set-up vermin compost production units for 500 families during 2009 to 2018 to checkout chemical use and encourage sustainable agriculture practices.•We have constructed 10 check dams to enrich underground water table. We have constricted earthen bunding to check soil erosion in more than 2500 Hectares of land to improve soil and water conservation. We have rejuvenated 6 tanks to increase water capacity and ground water table enrichment. We have supported the disabled poeple.


To see that the society is free of poverty and illiteracy and women in rural areas are given equal rights to live a decent life. To help the disabled people .


1. Plantation in more than 1000 hectares 2. Soil erosion controlling mechanism in 2500 hectares of land. 3. Check dam construction in 8 places to recharge underground water 4. Tank rehabilitation in 2 places to increase water capacity 5. Construction of cattle troughs in 40 villages. Human trafficking awareness and training by local community monitoring




Mrs Kanchana Seshkumar

Chair Person

Mrs. Kanchana Seshkumar is one of the social thinker and philanthropist in Bangalore. She is a Central Government Employee at census department. She has shown her interest to support our programs and work with our team. Having seeing her volunteering and social thoughts the board welcomed her to become member. The board elected her as a Chairperson.

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Prasanna Murthy G


About board member 2 (in less than 1000 characters or 120 words) Mr. Prasanna Murthy.G is basically from village background H.D.Kote taluk and Mysore district. He after having experience of poverty, daily wager and struggles faced by the poorest and other marginalized community, he was trying to work in the social sector. Fortunately he got selected for 6 month Diploma course on community based rehabilitation services in Bangalore. He worked in 10 villages of Bangalore south with disabled persons in proving education, health and economic support programs. He also worked with several social service organizations as resource person. In 1990 he founded PRATHIBHE organization to lead community development and work. He heads the organization as general secretary and project director of PRATHIBHE.


Geetha R

Livelihood trainer and placement officer

She has wider experience in community development, women empowerment programs. She is now working on giving training for disabled persons and takes up placement job at the end of each batch. She also monitors mobilization and follow up to resolve any conflicts arising from place of working by disabled persons.


Anthony Marry Leena

Mobilizer and social worker

She is responsible for all public contacts and mobilizing beneficiaries for the program. She now was focusing on identifying disabled persons for the retail skill development training and she co-ordinates training program at the time of graduation day, exposure and training events.


Shobha ,M.S

Office Assistant

She is focusing on office management and financial monitoring and keeps up all documents and updates MIS. She also helps training program and outdoor activities whenever needed.


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Account Number: 14002200082427

Bank: Canara Bank


IFSC Code: CNRBOO11717

All donations are eligible for tax savings under 80G.


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# E-44,4th ‘A’ Main Road, E&F Block, Ramakrishna Nagar ,Mysore -570022 Karnataka


# E-44,4th ‘A’ Main Road, E&F Block, Ramakrishna Nagar ,Mysore -570022 Karnataka